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Vampires Realm - Paranormal Romance Ebook / Dark Fantasy Series by Prophecy: Caelestis and Aurorea [book 2] - Paranormal Vampire Romance Book.
Table of contents

Lucy Kevin. Forever Mine. Kennedy Fox. Nicole Elliot. When We Left. Read, Write, Love at Seaside. Addison Cole. Royal Catch. Kylie Gilmore. A Promise Forged. Cara Putman. Sadie's Spirit. CB Samet. Dreaming of You. Cora Reed. Running On Empty. Christy Reece. Summer Heat. Alexis Anne. The Road Leads Back. Marci Bolden. Landry's Back in Town. Margery Scott. On a cold night four years ago, Erika's life came crashing down.

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  3. Vampire Crown;
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Haunted by the tragic events of that night, Erika drinks to forget, stumbling through life forever on the verge of disaster. But when she meets Patrick, a struggling British teacher, she begins to reexamine her memory of that terrible night, and finds that the version of events she has always believed might not be the truth after all. A Terminal Agenda.

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Mark McKay. The Key. Kathryn Wise. The Fixer, Season 1: Complete. Rex Carpenter. Pamela Callow. Sharp Shooter. Marianne Delacourt. A Finger of Night.

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Robert Craven. The Dead and the Missing. Dying for a Date. Cindy Sample. Fields' Guide to Abduction. Julie Mulhern. Twist of a Steel Bracelet. A Dawson. The Daydreamer Detective. Gemini Rising. Harley Christensen. False Impressions. Sandra Nikolai. Losing Your Head. Clare Kauter. Dhata Mays. Greg Dragon.

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Thread of Hope. Jeff Shelby. The House of Closed Doors. Jane Steen. Powerful enemies, twisted memories, a government willing to do anything for control. Find out how it all began…. Shattered Illusions. Laura Greenwood. Battle at the River. Paul J Bennett. I Have the Sight. Rick Wood. Another Stupid Spell. Bill Ricardi.

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  • Kristen Middleton. The Memory Thief. The Spookshow. Tim McGregor. Empty Bodies. Zach Bohannon.

    Crossroads of Bones. Luanne Bennett. Maggie for Hire.

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    Kate Danley. The Superhero's Test.

    Lucas Flint. Humphrey Quinn. Magic Unbound.

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    Jill Nojack. Sarah Woodbury. Crescent Calling. Nicole R. Malia Ann Haberman. Dragon Wars: War of the Magicians. A J Walker. Young Aina.

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    Ned Marcus. A Spirited Manor. The Girl Who Sees. Dima Zales. The Forgotten Engineer. T S Paul. Flying Blind. Tracy Cooper-Posey. Wayward Guardian. Arlin Fehr.