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And naturally, offspring of parents who are not famous and were not raised in a fishbowl certainly are prone to having issues. But there is a special challenge for a child of a star or stars in coping with the harsh glare of the spotlight while looking for his or her own niche.

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There is often confusion with the real parent and the one on the movie or television screen, Altman said. He never was sure whether it was real or not. Carole Lieberman is another Los Angeles-based psychiatrist who is herself a media personality. She said stars often possess personality characteristics that make parenting more difficult.

This lack of attention and nurturing leaves a hole in them, leaves an emptiness, which causes a lot of them to turn to drugs and alcohol to fill it up. It leaves them depressed. The Douglas family certainly can attest. Yes, I know ppl do call and place anonymous lies to cps for grudges or what not, and I hope those ppl get what they deserve. However, if cps did NOT check out all the calls… then, what if, they ignore the one call that is truly needed and that child is killed or harmed?

I knew a young girl who was in foster care when I was growing up , and she WAS molested and beat on a daily basis. It was awful. She told everyone and no-one believed her… she ran away multiple times only to be brought back to that awful place… and she was finally able to break free once she turned 18, but it was sad for her. I know this for a fact. Very sad. However, there are some amazing foster families out there… but, I think for every case of abuse that is called on… the foster families need to be checked just as much. Sad, sad, sad. But, ppl who do not deserve to have their kids… that is what cps is truly for.

Linda, My live-in boyfriend of 5 years was accused of sexually abusing my teenage daughter over 4 months ago. We have turned over evidence and statments made by my daughter that prove she lied to get him out of the house to our attorney but he did not forward any information to CPS.

What should I do? What is the job of my attorney at this point? She pushed the door open and came in when I cracked the door. Please advise.

Can Kids Guess Their Father’s Cooking?

I need help to end this terrible nightmare that has lasted 3 months past the state law. Monica, I believe your attorney may be doing the right thing, as turning anything over to CPS is usually a mistake.

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They hide exculpatory evidence anyhow. He is probably saving the evidence to present in court if the county takes this that far. Once CPS has started on a sex abuse witchhunt they usually refuse to believe teenagers that change their minds and claim to have been lying. Cps worker shoved her foot in my door as well!

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How can I get an attorney without the financial means necessary?? She is also trying to force me to take a drug test which has nothing to even do with my case! She now knocks on my door pretty much every day! Most child dependency lawyers will provide a free initial consultation so they can see if they want to take your case.

I do not get paid extra for removing children. I actually get paid more to keep a child in the home and work with the family. That gets me alot more hours then throwing them in foster care where i see them once a month. Hell if i keep them in home i can bank in time every week with the family. And i make more money doing that then i do placing a child. Before you go makng accusations about how satan like us caseworkers are, you should think about what you are saying verses what i am saying. We are a very low paid job. If it was easier to make all of this money that you speak of and people would retain their jobs.

Because they burn out.

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If you think you can do it so much better, instead of fighting the system go work in it for a while. The only thing I agree with you on is lying. Something you harp alot about. I do not lie to my clients, my employer or anyone else f that matter. You fail to mention how many children we save every day. OH thats right you would not know about those kids because they grow up to be a reponsible member of their community and live their lives. If it was to be looked up maybe you would see things a littledifferently.

Step out of your box for a minute. Not every caseworker is a bad person. Not every foster parent is an abuser. And not every family is involved with CPS. That is why you guys get compensation pay. I have them though so please enlighten me.

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PW — So true. Stop lying and let families be… judging is gods job. People can fix there own problems. We was born with free will. Who knows thy self better then your self. Who knows thy heart better then your self. Who knows your intentions better then your self.

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Who brought them kids here. Conduct there own way to fix their wrongs. How we have free choice if we told what to do.

Leave people alone. We can govern our self. Do i have the right to tell you how you should raise your child…. Everyone has there own way of raising there child. Its like a finger print that separates people because every finger print is unique.

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I will pray for you. Plus having a low paid stressful job. You asked for sources. I would like to refer you to the web site for the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, where you will find a wealth of source material. I can just imagine why!